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wholesale Dried Casing
Grade AA, A, AB, B, BC
Caliber 16/18mm to 26/28mm
Specification 2/16/90, 3/14/90,7/10/90 etc., special specification are customized
Feature White color, without veins, no holes, strong texture, HACCP & FDA certificate
Package Salted casing, tubed casing, pipe casing, overlap tube casing are workable.

Nature's pig casing
After scraping the inner membrane and garbage grease, the pig sausage was salted with edible salt, without any further deepening, and the whole pig sausage was retained.
1. the native pig farm has good quality and has been selected for several years.
2. Rich in Nutrition
3. Cortical permeability, good toughness, no damage
4. The sausage is fresh and clean, and the sausage tastes good.
You reap not only delicious food, but also nutrition and health. wholesale Dried Casing

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