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Alpha is now complete. I will make it available for download tomorrow.
It is down to about half a day to build a complete system.
It uses Gnome as the desktop - it is gdm3 so it has a different look at start.
You can change back to regular menus using the twek tool.
I still have lots of work to do but it is at least working well in an alpha state.

It will build a debian 9 stretch system with the added tools that Pinguy used
along with a few more I like.

Still need to finish the wallpapers and start up screens.

***** WARNING *******

If you do not know what you are doing this can eat your hard drive.
You need at least 16G of free space or a 16 or better G usb.
I will write instructions soon.

You can download from

******* Make sure you have a current backup *******

Download and unpack the tar file - It will build a dir SysBuilder.
cd to SysBuilder and execute Builder.

Download now available on

Be careful makes changes to your hard drive.

Alpha documentation now available on

Looking forward to comments and what you like/dislike.


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