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IWLNX 2.0 Released today - Larry - 11-13-2017

IWLNX 2.0 Tigerlilly is available for download.

Please test and let me know what to add/delete.

It is based on Debian 9


RE: IWLNX 2.0 Released today - Kantoquad - 11-14-2017

Excellent, will get to this Wednesday. Sounds great and thanks for the hard work

RE: IWLNX 2.0 Released today - LNT - 11-14-2017

Great stuff!

downloads and the link to 2.0 can be found here:


RE: IWLNX 2.0 Released today - Kantoquad - 11-16-2017

it runs smooth but most of the programs do not open for me. usually returns an error or times out. Firefox runs as does setting for docky.  The error could be me. I set up VB quickly. I will reset tomorrow, if no one else has this issue. Also, the ISO has what is probably your hometown weather on it, in case you do not want that out. Not too far from my old stomping grounds.  Is this only going to be released in LXDE, You may have said before, but I do not remember. Like  the look and program choices, I saw, on my quick spin.

RE: IWLNX 2.0 Released today - Larry - 11-16-2017

I am still working on the menus - that is the problem with some stuff not opening.

To change the weather location - right click the docky weather icon and select settings.

I should have an update with cleaned up menus soon - can you send me a list of what
you found to be missing - so I can verify?

I used LXDE because I like it - but there are several other DT's that are installed or almost
installed. Let me know which you like and I will make sure you can switch to it.


RE: IWLNX 2.0 Released today - Larry - 11-18-2017

New upload to fix some menu issues.
Also modified the installer - still working on it.