****ALPHA Version ****

SysBuilder is now available at SysBuilder will build a

Debian base system with several add-ons. It is in an Alpha state.


SysBuilder requires that you have a minimum 16G partition on your hard

drive or a 16G or better USB Drive.


SysBuilder will overwrite any data on the selected partition.


Download the install file from IWLNX and unpack wherever you want

to install. You will now have a directory named SysBuilder which contains:

Builder build-props

build.log support_files

Builder is the main wrapper (will be graphical at a later time).

step(1-5).sh are the individual stages of the build."

support_files is a directory that contains specialty files.

The other files, .log and props are self explainitory.


You need to be root to run SysBuilder. To start execute './Builder'.

You can then select:

Debian 9 Stretch release: June 17th 2017

Debian 8 Jessie April 25th 2015 End of life: June 6th 2018

Debian 7 Wheezy May 4th 2013 End of Life: April 26th 2016

The default is Jessie

Now you will be prompted for:

Domain Name: (Enter the domain name you want to use for this build)

Host name: (Enter the host name you want to use for this build)

You will now need to input the partition information.

If you have not verified that you have available partitions

leave now and make sure you do

You should use at least a 16-40G file system.

If you do not understand this you need to research before continuing.

You will now be prompted for the device information

Example input:

Boot device: /dev/sda

Root partition: /dev/sda8

Home partition: /dev/sda7 or leave blank for no separate partition

Swap partition: /dev/sda9

Format swap [Y/n]

If you use your existing swap partition do not format it.

After verifying the partition data is valid Builder will start mostly

unattended - you will be prompter for Language setup and passwords

in a couple of places so it is not totally automated.

It will take 20 - 48 hours to run depending on your system speed.